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Garage Door Repair

Gary Jules

Everytime I opened or closed my garage door it was making this terribly squealing noise. I called Quality garage door repair Thornhill the moment I noticed the noise and they had a garage door repair technician out to help me right away. Turns out I just needed some parts lubricated. I’m so glad I can rely on these guys whenever I need them!

Garage Door Installation

Will Relder

I work in property restoration, and one of my clients had a pretty bad fire at their house. The garage was completely open and exposed with the door having burned away. I called Quality garage door repair Thornhill to have a garage door installation tech meet me on site so we could go over some prices. Everything seemed fair so I went ahead and set the service up. Everything turned out spectacularly, my clients love the new garage door.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Alyssa Bander

For some reason my garage door was only opening halfway and then it would stop. I contacted Quality garage door repair in Thornhill and they told me it seemed like I had a problem with my garage door opener. They sent a super nice garage door opener repair man out to assist me and he was able to figure out I needed a new motor in no time at all. Now my door opens and closes perfectly. Thanks so much for all the help!

Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement

Tremaine Butler

I pulled up to my house after work the other day to see my garage door barely hanging in the doorway. I was freaked out and immediately began calling every garage door company in town to help me. Quality garage door repair in Thornhill was the only was available to help me at that very moment. The technician came out and found some of my garage door rollers had broke, causing the door to fall off track. He replaced them and reinstalled my door. Everything is back to normal, thank you so much!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Leslie Anders

I heard a crazy loud bang at like 5am the other morning and came downstairs to discover my garage door had come crashing down on my car. As much as I wanted to go back to sleep I knew I had to take care of it, so I called Quality garage door repair Thornhill to come work their magic. The tech arrived quickly and didn’t even seem tired. He repaired my garage door track and had the door back up and looking great in no time. Thank you so much for the last minute assistance! I highly recommend these guys!

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Donovan Nielus

My Fiance’s family was coming over for dinner and of course I backed into my garage door the morning of. I didn’t want them to see the door like that so I called Quality garage door repair Thornhill out to help me out and they were amazing. The garage door tech replaced the two panels I damaged in no time at all and at a great price too. Thanks so much for all of your help!