Garage door springs are pertinent to the functionality of your garage door because believe it or not, they actually do most of the work when it comes to opening and closing your garage door. There are 2 different types of garage doors that your system can have: torsion or extension springs. Extension springs do just what their name says, they extend and retract in order to lift or lower your garage door. The torsion spring, on the other hand, operates with torque and twists in place to lift or lower your garage door when force is applied either by hand or motor. These garage door springs house a great deal of tension, which is why it is always recommended that you contact a professional garage door spring repair and replacement company to ensure that your springs are properly serviced, and to prevent injury from trying to service them yourself. The experts at Quality garage door repair Thornhill are more than qualified to tackle all of your garage door spring service needs. Our garage door spring repair and replacement technicians have completed extensive training programs specific to garage door springs to ensure that they can safely remedy any garage door spring repair needs you may have.

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If you’re like most homeowners than you probably overlook your garage door springs until something breaks. Many garage door repair companies try to take advantage of the lack of knowledge that many homeowners have regarding their garage door springs. When a garage door spring breaks it can cause your door to stop opening and closing, it can make hideous noises, and it can even leave your garage door dangling for dear life in your garage entryway. Whatever happens as a result of damaged garage door springs always looks cosmically worse than a simple garage door spring issue. Because of how detrimental a broken garage door spring looks on your door, you may be willing to pay anything just to get your door restored to its former glory, but we assure you there is no need for that. At Quality garage door repair in Thornhill we specialize in low-cost garage door spring repair services.


  • Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement 
  • Squeaking/Squealing Spring Troubleshooting
  • Rusted Spring Lubrication 
  • Garage Door Spring Balancing In Thornhill
  • New Garage Door Spring Installation
  • Thornhill Garage Door Spring Bracket Adjustments
  • And So Much More!

You’ll never have to pay an arm and a leg to have your garage door spring issues corrected when you contact the honest experts at Thornhill garage door repair. We make getting your garage door working properly within your budget our top concern and we will stop at nothing to ensure you get fair, affordable garage door spring repair services. Quality garage door repair Thornhill offers 24/7 garage door spring repair and replacement services to the residents of Thornhill and the surrounding areas.


As all aspects of your garage door system have a life expectancy, your garage door springs have one too. The life of your garage door is measured in cycles, each time your garage door goes up and down that is considered to be one full cycle. Garage door springs generally have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles or 14 years for a garage door under normal use. While we’d all love to think that our springs will last us that long, there are variables which can cause a garage door spring to break before it is expected. Weather, use of your garage door, and many other environmental aspects can have a big impact on your garage door springs making them susceptible to breakage at any time. If you walk out to your garage one day to discover broken garage door springs, just know you can always count on Thornhill garage door repair team 24/7 for garage door spring repair services. Never worry about finding an available company to assist you when you suddenly require assistance with your garage door springs. Quality Garage Door Repair Thornhill has a full team of spring specialists on call 24/7 to help!